Barley malt extracts

Barley malt extract 50

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Product description:
Barley malt extracts are produced by mashing crushed barley malt and barley flour with water. The mash is kept in the mash tank for certain periods of time at a given temperature according to a programmed brew program. This is the time when the constituents of the malt (starch, water-soluble proteins, flavors, and minerals) are dissolved and broken down. The process of saccharification and filtration of the mash to produce liquid wort takes place after this. The wort is then gently boiled to bring the percentage of dry matter to the standard value.
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Composition of raw materials for production
Barley malt, barley, water
The main area of application of barley-malt extracts is the replacement of traditional and synthetic sugars in baking and the preparation of various sweets and desserts. Due to their high maltose (malt sugar) content, barley malt extracts can be used as a healthier substitute for both traditional sugars such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, or high-fructose syrup and synthetic sugar analogues such as xylitol, sorbitol, or aspartame.

Barley and malt extracts are used to produce the following:
- Bakery products
- Dry breakfast cereal, cereal flakes, and gozinaki (a confection made of nuts and honey)
- Cereal bars, granola, and muesli
- Gingerbread, cookies, crackers, muffins, galettes, and biscuits
- Products for children's, sports, and diabetic nutrition
- Ice cream
- Beer on a shortened cycle
- Barley-based malt whiskies with a shortened production cycle
Purposes of use
Color correction – a natural ingredient as an alternative to chemical dye Caramel Colorant E150
Sweetness correction – as a natural sweetener for baking and the production of non-alcoholic and dairy beverages
Flavor enhancement – to give food and beverages a malt flavor
Extending the shelf life of finished products
Concealment of undesirable flavors and smells
Fermentation activator - barley malt extracts are an excellent fermentation activator in the production of fermented alcoholic beverages such as tinctures and fruit wines due to their content of fermentable and easily digestible maltose.
Extension of shelf life of food and pharmaceutical products – the inclusion of barley malt extract extends the product's shelf life.
Advantages of use
Barley malt extracts promote more active yeast growth, thereby increasing the volume of baked goods. They help the crumb and crust retain their elasticity for a longer period of time. They help improve the appearance of baked goods, making them uniformly porous, crispy with a beautiful color, crumbly, and flavorful with a long shelf life. Barley malt extracts have therapeutic and preventive effects thanks to their richness in a number of biologically active substances, vitamins, and minerals. Barley malt extracts are a valuable source of useful digestible sugars – maltose (up to 50%) and maltotriose (10%–18%) – while at the same time they are low in glucose and fructose.

100 grams of barley malt extract contains:

Potassium – 351 mg

Phosphorus – 100 mg

Sodium – 85 mg

Magnesium – 37 mg

Calcium – 10 mg

Barley malt extracts are a rich source of dietary amino acids, with 7 to 29 mg of leucine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, alanine, isoleucine, tryptophan, and histidine per 100 grams of product. The amino acids stimulate protein metabolism and muscle growth and development in the human body. They activate digestion, increase intestinal motility, and help in the elimination of toxins.